The most beautiful cat cafe I have been to. It’s called Temari no Ouchi (Temari’s house) in Tokyo, Japan. The soft music and ambience feels like you are in a Studio Ghibli film. Had to take the Japan Railway there, but was totally worth the extra trip, & unlike the central Tokyo cat cafes, this one has no time limit, so feels totally relaxed. Several girls were even sleeping there amongst the cats.

You guys know the feeling when you try to hide bad feelings inside you and then even few words just break you down?





deserves his own post


aze i think we need to talk

no aze no dont talk no stay that way omfg


no dave you dont understand, it was a long 5 minutes


no dave you dont understand, it was a long 5 minutes


heads up

if i ever stop talking to you as much

  • its not you
  • there are a lot of things going on right now and idk what im doing and i often forget the fact that i have friends omfg
  • i still want to be close

if i ever message/text/call/ect you a lot

  • pls let me know bc i dont want to make you uncomfortable or bug you
  • be a Pal; dont let me make an asshat out of myself
  • ps its more than likely because i want to be close
Reblog if you’re no longer friends with someone who you once called your best friend.




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I dont see how this is funny its quit sad actually